The Power of QR Codes

Do not let the inconsequential garbled image of a Quick Response Code fool you. A wealth of information can be stored in these graphical codes. For instance they can contain telephone numbers, business card information, contact details, website address – which accurately point down to the very article that you are interested in, product details, links to your personal webpage or your Twitter or your Facebook or any other social networking site’s page, advertisements, etc. In short, the list is really long and possibly endless.

We all must have come across these funny looking codes on several sites now. They might look very familiar to a barcode. However, it is so much more than just that. These Quick Response Codes are generally sought out by website owners to make their websites mobile aware. However, do not mistake that the power of these codes are limited to this common usage. make a QR Code

A QR code is in plain truth a code that contains information that can be interpreted by scanners and since these every day QR code scanners can easily be downloaded as an app in smart phones, you have information in your fingertips – literally. Any kind of information can be translated into these codes which are then saved as graphic files of the form .png, .jpg, .gif, etc.

These codes can be used vastly and in any manner that you like. If you wish these images can also contain links to video files, taking advertising to the next level. Take a look at some of the scenarios that can be envisioned with the power of these 2-D codes.

Your business cards need no longer be boring cards. Instead, create a short two-minute video, introducing yourself, your company and your products and services and embed a link to this video in a quick response code, which should be printed on your business cards. A QR Code scanner or reader will immediately display the video file to your potential clients and customers.

Similarly, you can avoid sending across large DVD files to customers with product information or instructions on how to install the purchased product. DVD files can only be played in a computer or a laptop, which can be inconvenient to a customer when he is in the midst of installing a new product. Instead, embed the video link to these instructions into Quick response codes and display them on the product box, thus giving your customers an instant access to the video instructions through their mobile phones.