Backlinks and Their Role in SEO

Backlinks, also referred to as inbound links, are simply hypertext links on one website that lead to another website. Thus a link appearing on another site that leads to your website is a backlink to your website. In the ‘eyes’ of search engine bots, these links form an intricate virtual web. The density and quality of backlinks are one of the most important elements used by search engines to determine a website’s popularity and relevance. Good backlinks can push your page higher up the search of your targeted keywords.

There are two types of backlinks – those that are developed by webmasters and the natural or on topic backlinks. Of the two, the latter is more valuable than the former in the eyes of the search engine. On topic backlinks are considered more authentic since they would ordinarily occur based on the exchange of information or advertising between websites. Backlinks created by webmasters on the other hand are viewed as less organic. This is an important point for website owners to note because search engine algorithms are often able to recognize the difference between the two. 구글상위노출

To better understand just how search engines treat backlinks, look at the backlinks as votes. The higher the number of votes your website has, the higher up your site will be ranked. But in the search engine universe, all votes are not the same. Simply getting numerous backlinks will not necessarily see your page move closer to the top. They have to be quality backlinks for them to count. For instance a backlink to your website from a Wikipedia page will be considered much more valuable than a backlink from an obscure and rarely visited blog.

But just what is a quality backlink? Well, there are a number of parameters that are used to define a quality backlink. One is the page rank (PR) of the website that links back to your website. The higher ranked the page is, the higher the priority the backlink will receive. Quality backlinks are also determined by the similarity in topic and keyword between the referring page and your own site. If the content starkly differs, the link will be given less priority. In worst case, such links may be considered spam and completely disregarded by search engine bots.