Antique Shops in Reisterstown

The materials which endure the test of time preserve the beauty and essence of the memories and the life of the past. They have a class and grace which is incomparable to the modern styles and elegances offered by modern life. This is exactly why many people still love to have antiques adding a classic and literary touch to their surroundings. After all, some things can never be replaced and more often than usual old really is gold.

I have some excellent antique shop recommendations for all those who share my love of the relics of the past. Following is the list of some of my favorite antique shops in Reisterstown, Maryland:

Things You Love Antiques and Gifts 이미테이션

“Things you love antique and gifts” is my favorite antique shop in my area. It has that ancient and strong feel which makes you feel at ease. Its white lights and strong ceilings inside the wonderful wooden cabin which has been decorated in a 1940s theme just take you back in time. The owner Maggie is a jolly and kind women, she’ll help you with all your queries and she gives you space when you need it to study the items on your own.

You’ll find some of the best 1940s styled hats, china, furniture, photo frames and my personal favorite vintage jewelry here.

Address: 234 Main Street, Reisterstown, Maryland

Cook limited Antiques

Another great antique shop in Reisterstown is the cook limited Antiques shop which is located in the northern side of the beautiful Baltimore County. You’ll find a variety of traditional antiques, shabby Vintages, crockery, decoration pieces and so much more. The shop offers the items at an economical price as well; they have very good taste especially in the crockery.

Address: 17004 York roads, Parkton, Maryland

Sidetracked Antiques & Design

This is one of the coziest shops in Reisterstown. Its name comes from its location which is right next to train tracks. This shop was opened in 2003 by Patty Keener, and you’ll find some of the best clothes and jewelry in this shop.

The shop is open 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday. You’ll find extremely beautiful jewelry in this shop worth your time, and your money. I bought my wife’s anniversary ring from this shop, and I plan to get her matching earrings with them as well!