3 Reasons to Outsource Live Chat

No longer is face to face or the phone primary forms of communication; now it is mostly done through text. It is only natural, then, for these individuals to want to use a similar form of communication when researching or shopping online. The text-type form of communication is a way for businesses to reach a growing population of consumers, and it is called Live Chat.

Having live chat on a website greatly increases the likelihood of consumers spending more time on the site and getting to the goal, i.e. making a purchase. The question, then, is how can you implement live chat on a website that is both cost effective and delivers results? The answer is to outsource chat to a partner who is an expert in this unique customer service experience. Below are three reasons to outsource live chat. fmwhatsapp

Dedicated and Specialized Agents

By using an outsourced partner, businesses can rely on dedication to this function. Unlike call centers where agents may answer phones, respond to emails and other correspondence, outsourced chat teams are usually dedicated to only taking chats. This allows the agent to be an expert in the area of chat. The more chats they take for a business, the more knowledgeable of the products and services they become.

What’s worse than not having live chat on a website? Having live chat, but no one available to answer when a visitor needs assistance. When this occurs, most consumers will simply leave the site and go elsewhere. Outsourcing live chat to a partner will help to ensure that no visitor ever goes unattended. A live chat answering service always has a team available 24×7, with agents able to take multiple chats simultaneously. Did you know that most agents can process about 800 chats per month?

Cost Effectiveness and Immediate Results

The cost of employees is usually one of the highest expenses in an organization. It is not just the cost of the salary, but recruiting, employment cost, office space, equipment and the infrastructure it takes to support them. The chat outsourcing partner focuses on the management piece, allowing the business to focus on results from chat and defining the type of experience you want your visitors to have through chat.

The expense from the outsourced chat team should not be perceived as a cost but as an investment. Chat is something that gives immediate returns, and depending on the profit margin of the product or service, can pay for itself in just a few successful chats or even one successful chat. The ROI on outsourcing chat services is in the hundreds of percent.